about me

Heather CabotI’m a writer, digital lifestyle expert, former network TV news anchor, mom of twins, and a fitness fan. I’m passionate about my family and finding new ways to simplify, streamline and enrich our busy lives using technology. Since 2007, I’ve served as a national expert on consumer technology: writing, speaking and appearing on television and radio, including regular spots on the Today Show. In my role as Yahoo! Web Life Editor, I’ve covered topics ranging from best new educational apps to how to get fit with tech to teaching kids about privacy to digital citizenship to netiquette. I recently joined the adjunct faculty of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

I write frequently about parenting and fitness. I was one of the first regular parenting bloggers for the Huffington Post Living section. And I combined two of my favorite topics into my blog The Well Mom and a book in progress called Mother Like A Champion: Why Parenting is The Ultimate Endurance Sport and How to Triumph.

I speak about work/life balance, including at events sponsored by Goldman Sachs, UBS, and my alma mater, Simmons College. If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll see that I support causes that empower women and girls around the world, including programs promoting access to technology, entrepreneurship, health and literacy.

I spent 15 years covering local news around the country and eventually landed at ABC News as a correspondent and anchor. My husband and I met at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He’s a former 60 Minutes producer turned entertainment exec. We spend most of our free time raising our school-aged son and daughter who continually challenge, amaze and teach us new things every day. When I’m not writing, cooking, reading or running around with my family, you can find me in the pool, riding my bike or jogging with friends around town.